Who we are

Thank you for asking.

We're a team of highly skilled martial artists…minus the martial. We have a knack for marketing and making businesses' dreams come true. You can call us genies, wizards, superheros or Eightfold.

So how can we make your dreams come true? It’s all thanks to our team of young professionals from around the state of Michigan who specialize in video, advertising, marketing, writing, web design, photography and editing. We joined forces because we all believe in the simple truth that collaboration is the key to success.

Hello, we're Eightfold, may we take your production order?

Do you like TV?

Of course you do. When you're watching TV and your favorite commercial comes on do you ever say to yourself, "Dang, I wish I had a commercial like that." Hey, how ya doin? We’re Eightfold and we would love to make you a commercial like that. At Eightfold, we make local commercials look like national brand advertisements. We have an eye for high end, and the means to create a luxury product. Eightfold is a full production house. We have access to cameras, lighting, experienced crew and talent. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we'll deliver. Eightfold has the capability of full scale productions to one day shoots. We work with you from concept to creation, and won't stop until you are satisfied with the final product.

Not doing the commercial thing? No big deal.

Do you like the internet? Wish you had a website that draws a crowd? Well, we can do that too. You see this website? Yeah, we did this and we can do the same for you, but even better. We're not the type to take the best for ourselves. We are equipped to port any existing website into a sleek new design or build one entirely from the ground up. Depending on your needs, we can keep it simple or integrate more advanced functionality, while ensuring it is easy to navigate and in line with contemporary web standards. When a web page is user friendly, it turns a larger profit. Funny how that works.

What if you don't know what to do? What if business isn't going as well as you’d hoped and you want to try something new? We can help with that too. At Eightfold we believe in the power of advertisement. It is the direct link between you and your clients. Advertising is the bridge that connects you, and if you have an unappealing bridge, the gap between you and your customers may never close. That’s where Eightfold steps in, hammer and nail in hand. We’ll fix that bridge right up, making it welcoming, stylish and most importantly, stable. Passers-by will take casual strolls along the freshly laid cobblestone and end up your front door. What’s that? You don’t like cobblestone? Well, we are more than happy to pave your bridge with whatever you would like, that's something we’ll discuss at our first meeting. The point is, advertising is your chance to make a good first impression to potentials customers. You want them to walk away feeling confident that your business will provide quality service and reliable products with an attractive brand to back it up.

We are what we make

Creative, sound and visually pleasing if we do say so ourselves

We're about the standouts and the overachievers; those who are always looking to take it to the next level, and not willing to take the easy way out. Our products excite, entice and open up an entirely new world of possibilities for you and your business.

“The companies we work with are exposed to a world in which beauty and business get together and say, hey, how you doin?”

What many businesses don’t realize is the possibility for effective marketing and production value to coexist. Often times, they think one must be sacrificed for the other, but with Eightfold you will never have to make that decision. We provide affordable services that will blow you away... seriously, grab on to something. Products that are tasteful, effective, and just your style. We work with you every step of the way to produce the vision you’ve always had for your business. You deserve to be seen in the best light, and we're more than happy to flip the switch for you.

Eightfold killed the radio star

Video production is our speciality. Visuals say much more than words ever could. They show, tell and inform in as little as thirty seconds, which is perfect for today’s digitally distracted consumer. Businesses today have no more than 5 seconds to catch a viewer’s attention. In a society where consumers are exposed to over 3,000 ads a day on average, it is easy to get lost in the mix. In order to advertise effectively you need unique, striking visual content. It is not enough to advertise prices and dates, you need a story. Consumers need something to latch on to and to feel like the commercial is tailored to them. This type of advertisement requires special care and attention. Eightfold has the ability to to convey your story in a way that captivates and advertises at the same.

How We Do It


The first step in our process is always making sure we are on the same page as our clients. We realize the importance of focusing our energy towards achieving our clients goals, and that the way to do this is through strong communication.


We focus on engaging and entertaining the viewer with artistry and storytelling. We love bouncing ideas off of each other, exchanging perspectives, and aren't afraid to start from scratch.


Success in our business is not based solely on creating an awesome product. Creating work that performs is our first priority. We centralize our strategic processes around increasing sales and improving brand awareness for our clients.

Around here, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
‐ Walt Disney


Our collection of highly trained ninjaviduals.
Nicholas Stachurski

Nicholas Stachurski

I have strong passion for video production, media arts and especially business. While still in school I made the decision to pioneer my own marketing & creative firm - Eightfold Marketing Creative, LLC. I am working every day to grow my business and myself.

Ryan Sundberg

Ryan Sundberg

With an extensive background in video production, Ryan's technical skills and out-of-the box artistic ability help create Eightfold's impactful and effective commercials and viral video's.

CTO/Lead Developer
MacKinley Smith

MacKinley Smith

With a background in technology, and the ability to write code faster than you can check your Facebook, MacKinley is the man behind the magic when our clients need a personalized, creative, user-friendly website.

Steve VanMaele

Steve VanMaele

With a background in video production, Steve has the technological know-how and creative eye for capturing emotion and environment though lighting.

Project Development
Brooke Weatherford

Brooke Weatherford

With a background in business marketing and experience in commercial social media, Brooke heads all of Eightfold's internal marketing efforts. Not only does she concentrate on developing the Eightfold brand, Brooke also provides crucial support in back end managerial tasks, project organization, and art direction.

Graphic Designer
Jon Humphrey

Jon Humphrey

With a background in IT and Graphic's, Jon is the artistic talent behind Eightfold's digital and paper advertising.

Promotions Specialist
Jordan Viaches

Jordan Viaches

With an extremely outgoing personality and a background in business marketing, Jordan is our guy for promoting products and events. Whether it be via grass roots, digital or social media, Jordan gets the word out there.

Production Manager
Victor Lord

Victor Lord

With a background in film making, and a talent for turning ideas to reality, Victor is the brain behind Eightfold's production planning. 

The Eightfold Way

Do we have the same goals?

Well, if you believe your company deserves greater brand attention, then the answer is yes. We believe in the blissful and fulfilling marriage between marketing and creativity, and the profound effect this combination has on a business' success. We promise to see your project through to the very end, and ensure your business can continue to grow and evolve even after we're gone. We do what we do because we see the potential within your business, and we want the world to see it too.

We believe in beautiful things and beautiful places.

We believe in individuals. We believe every project is an opportunity to create something outstanding. We believe in the power of positivity. We believe in simplicity. We believe success is a mindset. We believe in good jeans. We believe in good jokes. We believe in the future. We believe in high quality. We believe in pizza. We believe in inspiring moments. We believe in setting high expectations. We believe in studying the work of others. We believe in the human experience. We believe in collaboration. We believe in our work.

Get in Touch

We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.

We are always looking for new clients and projects to take to the next level. Feel free to call or E-mail us if you would like to get it touch and hear more on what we can do for you, and we're all about.