Is A Robot Vacuum Worth The Money? I Tried One To Find Out

I’ve been thinking about getting one of those robot vacuums for a long time. I hate vacuuming but I want my floors to be clean. However, I have two cats and a dog and I doubted that those cute little robots were up to the challenge of dealing with the massive amounts of hair that my pets shed on a constant basis. And I was worried that they would get upset by the noise of the vacuum and the fact that it roamed around the house. So I put off getting one. But last month I found a really great deal on a Roomba and I thought I’d give it a shot just to see how it would do.

My Pets

I got it home and it was very easy to set up. I let it loose to start attacking the dirt and hair. At first, my pets were really freaked out by it. My cat wouldn’t come out from under the couch until the Roomba went under there. Then she shot out from under the couch and ran upstairs. My dog followed it around sniffing at it. And the other cat just eyed it suspiciously.

But after a couple of days, they really didn’t pay any attention to it anymore. I guess they got used to the noise and the motion. It’s actually pretty quiet and most of the time I don’t even realize it’s running. When the TV is on I can’t even hear it running at all.

So it’s not that loud or intrusive. But the real test was how well it do picking up hair and dirt. I was shocked by how effective it was at picking up all the debris on the floor. Within a week there were no more pet hair tumbleweeds blowing through the living room on a daily basis. And it even managed to keep the floor in the powder room where there is a litter box for the cats clean. It picked up the litter that my cats throw out of the box along with all the other bits of dust, dirt, and hair that collect on my floors. My engineered hardwood floors have never looked better. And they look great all the time which is something that makes me really happy.

Quit Vacuuming

I’ve saved myself probably five or more hours a week now that I only have to vacuum the carpeted upstairs and I let the Roomba take care of the downstairs. If the Roomba continues to perform this well I may invest in another one for upstairs and then I’ll be able to quit vacuuming altogether. So as a pet owner I would recommend a Roomba or similar robot vacuum to other pet parents that want to keep their houses clean but hate the constant vacuuming that comes along with having pets. Although these vacuums can be pricey they’re not any more expensive than a Dyson Animal or other pet-specific vacuum. Try one and you’ll see how well it works for pet owners.

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