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Camera Options


Anyone who has ever shopped for a camera knows that part of what makes the decision so difficult is the number of choices. There are so many camera options, particularly the main companies that are in tight competition. Sony, Nikon, and Canon are three of the most popular camera manufacturers out there. You definitely want a top-notch camera when going on a road trip with your kids


camera options
Canon Camera


Each company has their own particular style, and a particular clientele that is generally attracted to them. The different cameras have varying strengths and weaknesses as well. One type of camera may generally have a better lens while another is better for shooting videos. Just like one type of phone may be better for spying on text messages

Best for Video


One of the popular new features on cameras is their high definition video camera. The more expensive cameras are capable of shooting in 4K, and others have very good slow-motion features. Between these three companies, Sony cameras are the best for shooting videos. Sony’s mirrorless cameras have quickly become the most popular choice among videographers.

If you are wanting to become a professional videographer and shoot weddings, it would be wise to go with camera from Sony. The Sony Alpha Series would be your top pick then. Sony’s mirrorless cameras have become popular because they are more compact and lighter than the big DSLRs. Sony’s Alpha series is great for those that are wanting to get their feet wet with a mirrorless camera.


Lens Adaptability


One of the best things about the Nikon cameras is that they haven’t changed their lens mount in years. That means that old cameras, even if they were film, have lenses that can still be used on the latest DSLRs from Nikon.The ability to use old lenses isn’t the only reason to go with a Nikon. Many photographers love the high dynamic range that Nikon cameras have. Nikon has great entry-level cameras, while Canon’s Rebel series is not as easy to use.

Canon, on the other hand, is known as being a safe and reliable brand. Those that are familiar with their DSLRs like their professional look. They have a great line of lenses, particularly the “L” series. Their ultrasonic lenses that have the lowest aperture of the other Canon lenses. One great thing about the Canon cameras is that they offer lenses specifically for cinematic purposes. They also have a competent sensor, and great high-end DSLRs.  


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Choosing A Camera


Choosing between these three companies really comes down to which features you want the most. All three camera brands are high in quality and you pay for that. Start with the most important feature then go from there. Does a Canon work better or a Sony? Price is not as big of a deal since they are all up there. There are certainly a lot of reasons why someone would prefer a Canon, Nikon, or a Sony. Speaking of cameras, here’s my post for starting an online photography business